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25 July, 2023 Carbon Raiser

Carbon Raiser, also known as carbon additive or recarburizer, is a specialized carbon material used to increase the carbon content of various products during the manufacturing process. Derived from different sources of carbon-rich materials, such as petroleum coke, anthracite coal, and graphite, Carbon Raiser unlocks a multitude of possibilities across industries.

Enhancing Carbon Content in Industrial Processes

Carbon Raiser's primary function lies in elevating the carbon content of materials where a higher carbon concentration is desired. Its addition significantly impacts the physical and chemical properties of the end product, rendering it more resilient and robust.

The Production Process

The production of Carbon Raiser involves a meticulous process, starting with the selection of high-quality raw materials. These materials undergo a precise calcination or graphitization process, transforming them into a pure and potent carbon material ready for integration into various applications.

Tailored Properties for Specific Needs

One of the most appealing aspects of Carbon Raiser is its adaptability. Manufacturers can tailor its properties, such as carbon content, particle size, and density, to meet the specific requirements of different industries.

Steel and Iron Industries: A Crucial Carbon Additive

In the steel and iron industries, Carbon Raiser plays an indispensable role as a carbon additive. It enhances the carbon content in molten metal, ensuring the production of high-quality steel and cast iron with optimal mechanical properties.

Foundries and Casting Processes

Foundries rely on Carbon Raiser to fine-tune carbon content in various casting processes, contributing to the production of sturdy and precisely molded components.

Smelting and Metallurgical Applications

Metallurgical processes often utilize Carbon Raiser to facilitate the reduction of metal oxides, promoting efficient smelting and refining operations.

Aiding in the Manufacturing of Graphite Electrodes

Carbon Raiser serves as a vital component in the production of graphite electrodes, essential for electric arc furnaces used in steelmaking.

Aluminum Industry: Elevating Carbon Content in Alloys

In the aluminum industry, Carbon Raiser enhances the carbon content in aluminum alloys, optimizing their strength and performance.

Improving Electrical Conductivity

Carbon Raiser's exceptional electrical conductivity makes it an invaluable material in the manufacturing of carbon-based products, such as carbon brushes for electric motors.


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